My daughter Anna — who just turned 12 — has been seeing Frania Zins since she was 6. Anna has a very rare neurological disorder which manifests itself in many ways--unsteady gait, muscle weakness, frequent falls. Frania has a remarkable intuitive understanding of what will help Anna and I can't imagine how much more difficult Anna's life would be if she did not have Frania's expert attention. Anna adores her — she looks forward to "Frania Day" and she listens carefully to what Frania tells her about keeping her body safe. Frania's work with Anna has improved her physical functioning and her quality of life--she is a truly skilled physical therapist/Feldenkrais practitioner and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Stephen Policoff
Faculty of Writing
General Studies Program
New York University


I worked with Frania after back surgery. Her process of determining the true causes of chronic pain and then  educating the body to move in a fluid manner was priceless. I was able to return to an active lifestyle after being told I would be limited due to my injury. She is a gifted healer!

Edward Menicheschi
Publishing Executive


I suffered a serious injury to my wrist and hand a few years ago, and had lost much of the flexibility in my fingers and couldn't put weight on my hand.  After trying the recommended occupational therapy with little success, I came to Frania Zins, who had treated both me and my husband in the past.  The progress was immediate and sustained.  She was inventive in the exercises she recommended, and the therapy itself actually was painless.  I don't think I would have a usable hand today if it hadn't been for her skill.

Diane Zimmerman, Esq.
NYU Law School Professor


Feldenkrais has been a revelation to me. My sessions with Frania Zins have helped me immeasurably. I've experienced relief from the pain and stress of several old dancing injuries plus I feel more fluid and free in every aspect of my daily life.

Tina Fehlandt
Founding member of Mark Morris Dance Group
Ballet and Modern Dance teacher and stager of Mark Morris's work around the globe.


I am a fit and active 66-year old woman -- an impassioned tango dancer - Several years ago, osteoarthritis in my right hip began to impede some of my activitie. More recently, a cortisone injection in my hip joint helped, but the doctor warned that the effects were temporary and that hip surgery would be required. By the time i sought treatment with Frania, my mobility was virtually eliminated and I was in a lot of pain. Now, my hip is stronger and more pain-free than it had been for many years. Working with Frania has done wonders for me!

Serena Lavine
Tango Dancer


Frania quickly analyzes the cause of the pain/discomfort and in a soothing, relaxed setting uses her Feldenkrais training to relieve the pain/discomfort. Rather than simply providing "standard" treatments for particular injuries, she has provided an individualized exercise and stretching program for me to strengthen my lower back and shoulder. She also has helped me to understand the inter-relationships of certain movements with my particular skeletal issues, so that I now stand, sit, reach throw a baseball and swing a golf club in ways that are tailored to reduce the likelihood of resulting pain/discomfort to my skeleton. In a word, Frania is a "godsend" as a physical therapist. My family and I always have left our therapy sessions with her, free of pain/discomfort. Over the years, I have seen her for a torn rotator cuff, severe lower backstrain and neck pain. Each time I have been able to recover fully and in a short period of a few months. In addition to her professional skills, Frania is a highly intelligent, articulate and empathetic woman with a wonderful sense of humor.

David Wagner
Tax Attorney


I had an aching shoulder that became more and more acute and painful. I went to Frania and she listened carefully and sympathetically, asked good questions and used her magic hands to start to repair the damage. Healing is a long process, but she is patient and focussed on making me better. Thank you Frania!"

Ricki Leiberman
Fundraiser and business consultant


I came to PT Arts as a bit of a last resort. None of my prior medical interventions or treatments had alleviated my back pain. Everyone advised me to quit running. (as a former marathon runner and seemingly healthy 30 year old, this did not sit well with me.) From the first moments with Frania, it was clear I was in the right hands. After a careful and thorough evaluation, she diagnosed my problem and through hands on treatment and individualized exercises the pain significantly subsided. She did a detailed analysis of my running form and I was able to slowly return back up to my regular running schedule.

Andrew Zaeh
Marathon Runner


After injuring myself dancing, Feldenkrais lessons with Frania helped me move from a state of frustration and pain, to one of greater mobility and empowerment. Frania guided me in understanding the relationship between how I move, and the pain I was experiencing.

Laura Hymers


Frania has worked with many dancers and, biased as I may be, its safe to say that I wouldn't be dancing still if it weren't for help that I received from her not just for specific injuries, but also in learning ways to re-educate my movement in order to avoid injuries. This has been essential work for me and for many of the dancers whom she has worked with.

Andros Zins-Browne
Dancer and Choreographer
Brussels, Belgium

When it comes to body movement, Frania is intuitive and accurate, a keen observer of the subtlest difficulty, the tiniest restrictive habit that can lead to injury. She can open your body to a lot more options for moving freely, efficiently and safely.
Plus, she's totally fun.

Deb Geringer
Serious Horseback Rider