Frania's work is the epitome of elegance and intelligence. Her results are phenomenal. I consider her work the best New York has to offer!

Marcy Lindheimer
Assistant Feldenkrais Trainer
Director, Feldenkrais Learning Center


I refer as many of my patients to her as I can. She seems to take a lot less time to heal my patients than other therapists. Whenever I encounter any complex or difficult rehabilitation problem in my patients, I insist that they see Frania. She is truly one of the finest, most gifted therapists I have ever known. Frania uses her combined knowledge of "traditional" physical therapy and The Feldenkrais approach to help my patients make a full recovery.

Andrew Price, M.D.
(Sports and Pediatric Orthopedics, Peripheral Neuropathy Surgery)
200 West 57th Street
Suite 1205
N.Y. NY 10019
(212) 974 7242


I have known and worked with Frania Zins for five years. I have referred many (over onehundred) patients to Frania. The feedback has been consistently positive from excellent to WOW AMAZING. Their clinical outcomes excellent. I believe this has to do with Frania's skills, her communicative style and grace. She is a true healer.

Dr. Martin H Ehrlich
Integrative Medicine
The Continuum Center For Health and Healing
245 5th Ave at 28th St
New York, NY 10016


Count yourself lucky if you have a chance to work with Frania! A gifted physical therapist and an insightful Feldenkrais teacher, she is an amazingly effective and compassionate practitioner of the touch that teaches and changes peoples' lives.

Larry Goldfarb, Ph.D.
Feldenkrais Trainer
Founder, Mind In Motion


As a  Patient Advocate I have – over the past five years-referred cancer patients, spinal patients and neuro patients to Frania Zins. All of my patients have thrived under Frania’s care. Frania is  a gifted healer, whether using Feldenkrais or the more traditional modes of physical therapy. She customizes each patient’s regimen. My patients tell me that they feel rejuvenated after working with Frania, and I am certain that is due to Frania’s holistic approach, depth of spirit and  outstanding clinical skills. I think Frania is an extraordinary resource and I am so glad she is in New York City.

Wishing good health to all,
Ken Schueler
Patient Advocate

Championing Your Health Through Research, Advocacy, Education & Support



Frania is a treasure. She helped me when I was in great pain and confusion. Her combination of teaching, guiding and therapeutic touching launched and guided my recovery. She touched my pain with care and love while teaching me how to care for myself. She showed me ways of moving that I had forgotten and very much needed! You are in for a necessary treat when you work with Frania.

Susan Braham
Yoga and Massage Therapy