All treatments are one-on-one and emphasize hands-on care, with an activity-specific functional approach.

Our services include various equipment and techniques to provide a variety of effective alternatives for patients' individual treatment needs.

Included are:
-Feldenkrais Method for neuromuscular re-education
-In depth analysis of movement patterns
-Dynamic and static postural evaluation
-Pain management
-Gyrotonics and Pilates exercise systems for strength and flexibility
-Cranio-sacral therapy and Myo-fascial release
-Running analysis
-Scar management

Nutritional support for:
-Weight loss/gain
-Musculo-skeletal support,
-General health & well being

-State of the art aerobic equipment
-Functional and kinesthetic equipment (trampoline, steps, balls, balance board etc.)
-Free weights and cuff weights
-Standard modalities (ultra-sound, MENS, moist heat, ice, etc.)

We treat the body as an intelligent, not a mechanical, organism